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Heavy Pegs
Most Mick-O-Pegs Models come with your choice of Black or Silver Pegs (selected at checkout):

Many of our Mick-O-Pegs Models (with outboard Pegs design only) allow for mounting an optional heavier peg, like Rivco Pegs & Kuryakyn Pegs (sold elsewhere).

If you decide to mate your Mick-O-Pegs with Rivco Pegs (Model PEGSW) shown in the pic below, you will need to do one of the following to make them fit:

1.  Purchase two 5/16 x 18 x 3" bolts from a local hardware store 
   -or -
2.  Cut off 1/4" off the end (with a hacksaw) of both bolts that Rivco provides.  We recommend:
Attach our coupler nuts about 1/4" from the end of the bolt.  After cutting off 1/4" with a hacksaw, when you remove the coupler, it should help 'clean' any burs made with the hacksaw cut.
Note:  The clevis assemblies provided by Rivco are unneeded to mount to Mick-O-Pegs.

(Below) Rivco Pegs - Model PEGSW - attached to our model CC Mick-O-Pegs.
Bottom view (Left).  Top down view (Right).  The Rivco Pegs will not "fold up".

If you choose to mount a heavier peg, you will need to have the peg and their long bolt. We provide the short bolt and 'coupler nut' with your Mick-O-Pegs.










Because of demand, we've made Models EF, EQ, E.5F and E.5Q to be able to be used with heavier pegs. These models (with long Legs) generally do not have enough strength to lift the peg all the way up, so they sag a bit. Many customers like that feature because they don't need to lift their feet as high to get onto them, yet if the bike falls over, the pavement easily lifts the peg out of harm's way.
Most heavier pegs fit flush with our "Leg". If your choice of peg doesn't have a flush surface, you may mount it as it is but some customers decide to grind off protrusions that hold a set screw.

Based on the recommendations of our testers, we do not provide an opportunity for the heavier peg to fold up because of safety issues and potental damage to the bike since most folding pegs fold more than 90 degrees.