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Tip: Your best choice depends mostly on your bike, body measurements & riding style.

Top 4 Most popularly ordered Models for Honda GL1800: Model KA = 40%, Model DD = 34%, Model KD = 15%,
Model GF 
= 11%, but we have many other Models to get you comfortable.

Q: "Once I place my order, how long does it take to receive it?" A: We do our best to ship asap.
Our goal is to have your package delivered within 4-7 business days from the time of your order.
Though we can't promise it in every case, we are often able to process orders quicker. On
rare ocassions (while traveling), there may be a delay in processing your order,
due to travel inconsistencies/demands.  Also, on rare ocassions, there may be stock delays.

Q: "On that rare ocassion, when you don't have Mick-O-Pegs in stock, how long will it take to
receive my order" 
A: If your order is for Mick-O-Pegs in Black annodize finish, it could be up to
2 weeks on average before they're ready to ship.  If you order is for Chrome finish, it could
take 1-2 months, but could take longer. Yould be placed on a Wait List that is filled first-come-
first-served.  We'll try to keep you updated at each step of the process ... Machining/shipping to
our Chromer, Chroming (3-step process, takes longest time), parts pickup & Expected Shipping
Date/Delivery Date.

Q:  "When attempting to install my Mick-O-Pegs (on GL1800), they don't seem to fit properly on the engine guard. What am I missing?" 
A: The Blocks (2" cube) should mount tightly to the engine guard.  It may appear that the Block doesn't provide enough space for mounting on the engine guard, but this is the intended design.  Simply tighten the Block down onto the engine guard, a little at a time, alternating between tightening each of the Mounting Bolts.  You'll notice the Block begin to cinch/clamp down onto the engine guard.  Also, the intended design allows for space between the Clamp and Block.  If the Clamp and Block were ever to touch, you'd lose the necessary clamping ability.

Q: After receiving my Mick-O-Pegs, I see that the Blocks are stamped on the underside with "AL" and "AR". What does this mean?  A:  AL = A Block, Right side.  AR = A Block, Left side.

Q: "If I were to drop my bike or have an accident, would the Mick-O-Pegs cause further damage
to my bike?" 
A: When we design each Mick-O-Pegs Model, we focus on designing them in a way
to not cause additional damage to the bike in an accident/drop. For the first 2 or 3 (of each
Mick-O-Pegs Model) who provide us an accident damage report & pics to share on our website,
we offer to replace damaged Mick-O-Pegs parts at no charge. This allows us, as a small company
with limited R&D budget, to have customers do that part of the R&D process as we're unable to
buy a bike just to install Mick-O-Pegs and simulate bike drops/ accidents.

Q: "What if I'm not sure I like the peg pointing inboard?" A: Since the Mick-O-Peg is
ahead of the stock foot peg and has these "pegs" pointing inboard, it helps to get your feet
out if you can rotate your heels out about 10-15 degrees so they clear the stock foot pegs
as you pull your feet back and out (slightly) to clear the stock foot peg. The stock foot peg
does spring up and back, but it can give you a "trapped feeling" if you hit the stock peg with
the heel of your boot.

Q: "What if I expect problems with the "peg" pointing inboard?" A: You will want to consider a
Model which has the "Peg" pointing outboard. The angle of the Peg helps hold your foot in place.

Q: "How much room (width) is there for my foot?" (on Models with the pegs pointing inboard) 
A: Our round "Pegs" are 4" long and about 1" from the end of the shift and brake levers,
so there is about 5" of room for your boots.

Q: "Won't my feet get hot?" (on Models with the pegs pointing inboard) A: Actually, your
feet will be in the wind enough to stay cool. Others who wear boots have reported the heat
from the valve covers to not be a problem. HOWEVER, if you don't have your ankles and
shins covered, you may feel some heat, especially if you touch the engine.

Q: "I have noticed some "flex" in the "legs" of my Mick-O-Pegs. Is that normal?"
A: Yes, that is normal. Most other pegs give a rock solid feeling (except those that can't
be clamped tightly), but when you get used to the flex of Mick-O-Pegs you may agree
with most riders who appreciate the additional shock absorbing they get with that FLEX.
We have had 270 lb riders stand on our Model AA Mick-O-Pegs, so our design is strong...

NOTE: Many of our customers admit to using their Model DD like this (like floorboards).
The 30 degree angle of the "leg" is a very comfortable angle for most riders feet. If you
look closely at the attached picture, you'll see that Jay has his heel on the peg and the
ball of his foot on the "leg." In other words, if you anticipate that you won't be
comfortable with your feet always pointing basically straight forward, you have this option.

Using Model DD like "floorboards"

Q: There is only a small gap between the Block and Valve Cover once the Mick-O-Pegs are
installed on my GL1800. Is there any concern for damage to the Valve Cover?  
A: We have not receive reports of damage/scratches to the Valve Cover as a result of a
small gap between the Block and Valve Cover under normal use. It's possible in a bike
drop that the Mick-O-Pegs Block could come into contact with the Valve Cover. Since the
Clamp on the backside of the Block is rounded, even in a bike drop, the Clamp should not
dig into the Valve Cover. If you are concerned about this, a piece of felt or rubber can be
used to wedge between the Block & Valve Cover.  This may require placing/sticking the
felt or rubber in place before installation of the Block & Clamp.

Q: "How can I tell if Model DD, with inboard pegs, will work for me on my GL1800?" 
A: Hang your feet ahead of your foot pegs. Move your feet in so the ends of your 
brake and shift levers touch the lower part of your ankle bones. That simulates the 
peg position 3-4" below your shift and brake levers.
 The moving clip on the "
Model DD
Page (Yellow GL1800) is a 6' rider. His shin is close to the chrome plastic when 
using this Model. Notice that he turns his heel out slightly to clear the stock foot peg 
when going in and out of the Mick-O-Peg.

If that's uncomfortable (too low), Model DL will raise your feet 1.5" so the ends of your
shift and brake levers would be about 2" below your ankle bones.

Q: I have a 34+ inch inseam. Would I be better off with Model EF  or Model KA?
A: Do this. Just kind of hang your feet down in front of the stock pegs and then move
your feet up and out and see which Way feels more comfortable to you. If you like up
and out, you would want KA. If you would like down and in you would want EF. All of
this presumes you would not buy A seat that raises you up 3 to 5 inches. That could
change everything.

The simple answer here is that you will need more than just pegs. You will need to
move your seating position up and back. You can do this with pads, find an upholsterer
who can do it for you or buy a new seat. But this may cause you to also need handlebar
risers and a higher windshield. That is what it took for our Dealer, Dan, who has a 34"
inseam ... but he can ride 
all day (and night) long now.

To FIND ultimate COMFORT, you will likely need Model EF, along with pads or
upholstered/new seat. Here are pictures of Model EF.

Q: Are there alternative ways to FINDING COMFORT with Mick-O-Pegs, especially for "Taller" riders?

A: For the vast majority of riders, they FIND COMFORT with Mick-O-Pegs, and many riders find
that once they have Mick-O-Pegs, they have no need for a new seat or to seek out other
'alternatives'.  As Mick-O-Pegs cost substantially less than a new seat, this is a huge advantage.
Some riders, however, desire both Mick-O-Pegs and a new seat or other arguably subpar
COMFORT alternative (written by Mick-O-Pegs Dealer, Dan, a.k.a. Mr. Comfortable ...
who practically has a degree in FINDING COMFORT on his GL1800).

Q: Do you provide/offer any discounts (Club, Military, Senior, etc.)?  A: We operate our business
differently than most, as we don't offer discounts/sale prices on new product.  We price
Mick-O-Pegs about as low as we can, while being able to stay in business, so we can continue to
serve future customers. 
We feel that all of our customers should have equal access to our
best-price available at all times.  
However, we sometimes have blemished Mick-O-Pegs Models,
Pegs or other parts (not listed on website) available at a discount to help you save a few $.  If
interested in this, please contact us.

Q: What about Dealer/Wholesale Pricing?  A: Please contact us to discuss.

Q: What are Mick-O-Pegs made of & where are they produced?  A: Mick-O-Pegs are made of
Aircraft grade Aluminum 
(T6061).  Mick-O-Pegs are manufactured, chromed, anodized & assembled
in Michigan, USA (Even down to the nuts and bolts!).

Q: I need a replacement (round) Peg.  How do I know which generation of Peg I have?  A: The easiest way to know is to check the size of the Allen Wrench needed to fit your existing Peg Bolt.  The Allen Wrench for the Pivot Bolt in the Cover is 3/16". Our older Peg Bolts had the same threads (1/4 x 20), but required a smaller 5/32" Allen Wrench. Several years ago, we increased the size of the Peg Bolts to 5/16 x 18 which use the same 3/16" Allen Wrench as the other socket head cap bolts of the Mick-O-Pegs.

'Own a Honda GL1800 & feeling lost?  Complete the Custom Comfort Analysis.