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Mounting K1600GT/GTL

Model RC-an is mounted to the after market BMW engine guard.  Tools required:  3/16" Allen Wrench (hex head) and 7/16"/11 mm end/box/socet wrench.

Almost all parts are L or R specfic so don't mix parts.

Separate the Clamp and Block by removing the 4 mounting bolts.  If you only see 2 bolts, you will find the others when you remove the Cover (2"x2" w/single bolt in its center).

Mount the Clamp and Block near the center of the BMW engine guard.  Don't fully tighten until you find the location and angle that works best for you.  You may choose to just use two of the four bolts until you decide how you want them mounted.

With the Leg and Peg attached to the Block, locate the position that provides the most comfort and finish you project by making sure all bolts are tightened.  Tighten the four mounting bolts equally, a little at a time to bring the clamp and block together squarely.

Preloading the spring