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Model R11R (BMW R1100RT & R1150RT and other R1100 & R1150's)

The scratches on the valve cover...
were there before mounting this prototype.

Since there is limited room, we only provide the option of using our Standard Pegs (black or silver knurled).



John's loaded bike fell on its right side from
the side stand hard enough to brake the mirror. Here's the extent of damage to/near the Mick-O-Peg.


John's Mick-O-Peg actually protected his valve cover. We could see some damage to the fairing where the peg end of the "leg" was pushed in enough to touch the fairing and  there may be a small mark on the valve cover below the bottom forward bolt from the bracket flexing in - since the brackets are mounted utilizing the OEM rubber bushings.


For other R1100 or R1150 BMW's that are not the RT, our Model R11R may work even better because you don't have the fairing with which to contend, but you also need to have nothing blocking the rotation of our leg up and down. Most engine guards we have seen interfere with Mick-O-Pegs.

Installation is the same as for the


This Youtube Video may clarify the installation process.



One customer's comments: "The oil window gets blocked. not a huge deal as you can still see it but just not straight on, you have to look at it through a different opening in the fairing. the right side cylinder is offset a few inches aft of the left side... I doubt this is a big deal either but I'll find out on my big ride if I notice. the right side is awfully close to the fairing, not much that can be done about that I guess there is not much room. Overall I like them, but as I said it will take a long highway ride to prove them for real."
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