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Model STO (Honda ST1100)
Our black or silver knurled pegs point outboard
Price $309.95




Imagine how this different position would help you!!




Mick-O-Pegs allow you to rest your feet low and close in to your bike...

and they are spring loaded to be up, out of the way when you want to enjoy the curves.




....AND GOING.....
The bracket and mounting are similar to Model PCO







If your bike falls, the bottom edge of our "cover" will touch down just before your "tip over bar" touches to support the weight of your bike.

Here's where we need help from customers who are among the first to drop their bike: If you'll provide us with information and pictures about what happened when you drop your bike, we'll provide free Mick-O-Peg replacement parts.


This You Tube Video for mounting on a PC can be used to clarify the installation process on your ST1100.


We'll add close ups if we can catch Brian!!
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