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Model RNT (Honda NT700V)
First prototype needed a few modifications

Other things hit the pavement before Model RNT

RNT offers 2 mounting positions for a custom fit
Can be rotated forward for taller riders (if you don't have the
aftermarket engine guard pictured above and below)




Changing the rear mounting bolt to the higher hole will rotate the entire bracket, leg and peg forward and down, to give an additional 2-3 inches of stretch (straight leg for a rider with a 32" inseam). This customer identifies himself as a "short" rider with a 29" inseam.

First accident report from a Model RNT customer:
"... loaded w camping gear) was probably going 30-35 ... left the pavement ... <Bike & I> slid about 40 feet ...

Keep Off The Grass!

... w/ the exception of some minor scratches on the rear pannier ... A bent shift lever, bent Mick-O-Peg <Bracket> and a sheared bolt was about it ...

... almost no negative consequences ... The Mick-O-Peg <Leg> and <Bracket> were dug in a bit and
were encased in dirt when we picked the bike up. The radiator hoses and engine case never made
contact, however, so thank you Mick-O-Pegs!"
- Bob S.

Another customer report:
"FWIW, I just returned from riding 2200 miles over a long weekend. The Mick-o-Pegs were a godsend!
Very comfortable ... 
 I dropped my bike while trying to back down around a corner and into a garage.
The Mick-O-Pegs had NO damage whatsoever."

And yet another customer report:
"I only had one small issue during the install. The left Block that attaches to the frame was just a
smidge (~1/16) too wide to slide on the frame rail between the two weldings. A little filing on the Block
and I got it to fit. I don't fault 
Mick-O-Pegs for this. It is just a variance of welds from bike to bike and
the Blocks were very easy to 
shave down to fit. Excellent product!!! Thanks to those that helped to
make these available on the NT!?


RECALL NOTICE. If you ordered Model RNT before July, 2013, and you bent a bracket, Contact Us and we'll replace both brackets with new & improved brackets, free of charge.

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