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For those who like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy... Edit Text

Our Business Philosophy Edit Text








Ted on his '84 Interstate...
...previously owned by one of his daughters. Edit Picture





Stretching "spread eagled" was not possible for Jim because of a bad hip. The first set of his design was not spring loaded and didn't look so good, but did allow longer trips without tiring. They had no name. Others liked the idea, but wanted them spring loaded, chromed, and to work for them, on their bike. A fellow Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor was given the first spring loaded set just before a 2-week trip out west. During our trip, Mike kept saying that he sure liked his "Mick-O-Pegs" and the name stuck. We now provide more than 2 dozen Models to fit many bikes with wide engines and/or fairings.

Our first advertisement was in the March 2004 issue of Wing World. Before then, all orders came from rallies, word of mouth, Internet discussions, and riders who somehow found our web site. In Nov '05 we started advertising in Touring News.

We quit advertising in Wing World and Touring News in Jan 2008 to cut our overhead $19 per set and keep our price down. Edit Text


Before Jim's right hip replacement, he designed a highway peg and asked his brother Ted to make a set from a crude drawing on a scrap piece of paper. As word spread about this new design, Ted became busy making more highway pegs and Jim became busy making a new business. Before long, Ted was very busy making pegs for Jim to take to rallies. As the business grew, their wives, Jan & Jeri added their expertise. Jim & Jeri's two sons also got involved. Jeremy was our Webmaster until his move to HI in 2007, and Jason's most visible roll has been at Rallies. Jason also headed up our expansion into the BMW market. Even Jim & Ted's brother (Ray) has helped with production, shipments and the occasional rally. There's no way of knowing who will be riding the GL1800 to rallies since all but one of us rides. You may even see Brian, Roger or "Cheezedog" helping 'cause their almost family too. In 2010, Ives and Joe have been very involved, especially at BMW rallies. The nicest thing about this family business is that many of our Mick-O-Peg customers have become like family, but only Jim was FULL TIME in the business until 2012.

Effective 1/2/12 Jay (FKA Jason) will become President as Jim steps down to VP where he will stay involved in the business but yield the leadership to Jay who will move RIW into more technical advancements. Edit Text


Our Business is Family Edit Text


You deserve to be as comfortable while riding as we are. Edit Text




Melissa, Dan, Jim & Jeri Edit Picture




OUR SHOP when on the road...
We started with a home made trailer using a car top carrier, then moved up to a black Slip Stream Transport (SST) made by Adventure Sports Products near Denver Colorado. We enjoyed the higher platform from which to work and ordered this pair of color & bike matched SSTs. Our newest SST is white and may be behind any number of bikes, but Jim's favorite trailer is pictured at the bottom of our home page. He likes to make waves. Edit Text


SSTs delivered just before Honda Hoot '05 Edit Picture






For many years, DDKing has been helping riders get comfortable on their GL1800 by sharing what changes he's made. Many of you have visited his discussion about "getting comfortable." In the GL1800 community he is also called WMCM (World's Most Comfortable Man) We are proud to announce that our friend, Dan Duffy came on board as head of "Riding Is Wongerful, Georgia" (RIW, GA) in november 2007.

Since then, the SE has a very capable Mick-O-Pegs representative to 'show and tell' interested riders about model choices. Dan usually carries a full inventory of models. We trust this will be a more convenient location for our southern customers to see and try out Mick-O-Pegs when rally attendance isn't possible.

Dan & Melissa live in Duluth and can be reached at 770-623-4447 or RIWofGA@gmail.com. Please join us as we welcome the "World's Most Comfortable Man"/"Mr. Comfortable" to RIW, Inc. where our motto has always been: When you're comfortable... RIDINGISWONDERFUL Edit Text


We welcome Dan Duffy (AKA 'Mr Comfortable' & DDKing) as our first dealer for Mick-O-Pegs. Edit Text