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Mounting ST1300
Mounting Model S13 Mick-O-Pegs on your Honda ST1300
This prototype shows the location.
Just ahead of the tip over bar.
Find the extra (longer) bolt in your package - used for mounting your Mick-O-Pegs so you need not be as concerned about dropping the clamp inside the fairing.

Put the extra bolt through one hole of the 'standoff' part and screw it into one hole in the 'clamp' as pictured below. The Standoff looks like a knob on an old stove. The clamp will fit behind the tip over bar. The extra bolt allows you to slide the standoff away from the clamp so they will fit over your tip over bar. Once in place you can install the first 1” mounting bolt through the bottom holes (under your tip over bar). Then you'll remove the longer extra bolt and install your second 1” mounting bolt. The two ¾” mounting bolts will attach the 'bracket' to the standoff.

You'll need to cut a small notch in the bottom of the plastic that covers your tip over bars. That notch will make room for the 'bracket'.

Your Mick-O-Pegs will be shipped for using our 'peg' but you also have the option to use a heavier peg attached to your Mick-O-Peg. Each 'leg' has two positions for the spring. If you choose to use a heavier peg, you'll need to remove the 'cover' and reassemble it with the spring in the other hole to have more tension on the spring.
Our design allows the Mick-O-Peg bracket to bend in to protect your fairing when your bike falls. We expect no additional damage to your bike caused by the Mick-O-Peg being there, but here's where we need help from customers who are among the first to drop their bike: If you'll provide us with information and pictures about what happened, we'll provide free Mick-O-Peg replacement parts.
WARNINGS. As with most motorcycle accessories, misuse can be dangerous.
1.        Mick-O-Pegs are not intended for use while following another vehicle closely or while leaning in curves.
2.        Since the spring lifts the “peg”, an aggressive tread on the riders boot may catch on the peg and increase reaction time. Test your Mick-O-Pegs many times before using them on the road. Before you ride, find the quickest method of returning your feet to your controls and get in the habit of using that method.
3.        It is possible to get your pant leg caught on the Mick-O-Peg when in the up position. To reduce that likelihood, consider wearing a high top boot and/or pants with tighter cuffs.
4.        Mick-O-Pegs are habit forming. You may no longer be satisfied with any other highway peg/board.
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