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Custom Comfort Analysis
This 'Custom Comfort Analysis' is designed to assist us in helping you find the right
Mick-O-Pegs Model for your Honda GL1200, GL1500, GL1800, F6B or '14-current Valkyrie. 
After you send your answers to mickopegs@gmail.com, we'll respond with our Mick-O-Pegs Model recommendation.

1. Your Bike?

              Goldwing GL1200, GL1500 (since engine guards differ, include yr),
              GL1800, F6B, '14-current Valkyrie, or Other (provide Model please)
2. Current Footpegs?  

             Stock (original) footpegs
       Similar sized footpegs as stock
        Larger than stock pegs (describe or provide name)
             Floorboards instead of stock footpegs (describe or provide name)
3. Current Seat?      

             Stock seat
       Custom seat (Very close to stock seating position)
       Custom seat (1" down, 1" back from stock seat)
       Custom seat (1" down, 2" back from stock seat)
       Custom seat (1" up, 1" back from stock seat)
       Custom seat (1" up, 2" back from stock seat)
       Custom seat (Other … please provide details)
4. Your Riding Style?      

             VERY Aggressive (Fearless! ... drag bike parts heavily in turns)
       Conservative (almost never drag bike parts)
       Average (occassionally drag bike parts): Rarely, lean bike more than
       stock peg just touching pavement.
              Trike/Voyager/InstaTrike - so I don't lean.
              * w/large (wheel-to-wheel) 'running boards' under shift/brake levers.
              * w/o large 'running boards'
5.  Your Height, Weight & Inseam?  
             NOTE: Inseam is the most important of these 3 measurements: Using a
             tape measure, while standing barefoot, measure from crotch to floor.
6.  When sitting in a chair, which is more natural/comfortable?
       Knees/legs close together (12" or less from inside knee-to-inside knee)
        Knees/legs spread wide (over 12" from inside knee-to-inside knee)
7.  When riding your motorcycle, do your pants have a tight or loose pant cuff?
8.  If you've had highway pegs in the past, which do you prefer?
       Feet down low & close in (did they drag in turns?)
        Cruiser-type position (feet ahead of knees)
9.  Do you have any any physical limitations or other concerns?  
              i.e. Can't spread legs far due to hip/knee pain
10. If you've spent some time looking at our website's Mick-O-Pegs Model choices for your bike ... Which Mick-O-Pegs Model(s) are you leaning toward?

Disclaimer:  While we do our best to match you up with the right Mick-O-Pegs Model, and we're normally very good at doing this,  we can't guarantee that our recommendation will always result in a perfect fit, which is why we offer a liberal
Return Policy.