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Models E.5D & ED (Honda GL1800)

Model E.5D
For your GL1800 (w/ stock footpegs)
Riders w/28"+ inseam
Choice of our Black or Silver Knurled Pegs pointing outboard

Model ED
For your GL1800 (w/stock footpegs OR Floorboards)
Riders w/28"+ inseam
Choice of our Black or Silver Knurled Pegs pointing outboard

A comfortable position, but...
possible to catch a pant leg.

If Model ED would be too much of a stretch (for the short rider), we can build Model EL which limits the drop of the peg by 1 1/2".  Contact Us for assistance.

Model E.5D has only 1/2" offset
The offset of 1 1/2" with Model ED moves Peg out another inch.

Catching a loose pant cuff on the peg can be a big problem you need to consider. Because the peg is at rest near the back corner of your valve covers, a loose pant cuff can catch when you come to a stop and move your feet forward and down to the pavement. The Mick-O-Pegs will not prevent you from getting your feet on the pavement, but you may not be able to let your feet move back as you roll to a stop.

Another popular choice is Model GD which gives a foot position up and forward 3" because the G leg is 3" shorter than the E leg. There's far less chance of catching a loose pant cuff on Model GD. 

Model ED provides a position similar to Model DD.
6'1" rider w/32" Inseam.

Model ED gives a foot position just your foot width farther out than Model DD, but about the same distance from the pavement.  The twist in the leg gives a comfortable angle to the peg when in use (pointing up and back slightly).

Other options (w/stock footpegs or Floorboards) are KA, KD, KL & GF, GQ Models.

By mounting the E.5D legs backwards, the pegs move another 1" closer to the valve cover.

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