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Models DF, E.5F, E.5Q, EF & EQ (Honda GL1500 & GL1800)

Model DF
For your '98-00 GL1500 (not equipped w/floorboards)
Our smooth black pegs point inboard


Pic #1. Model DF is higher in the up position than other Mick-O-Pegs to prevent damage to your bike. If your bike falls over, the Mick-O-Peg should not be jammed into the valve cover.


Pic #2. The bottom of our peg, when used, is about even with the bottom of your engine when mounted low. It can be moved up and also rotated to move the peg in and out

Model EF For your '98-00 GL1500 or GL1800 (w/or w/o floorboards)
Our black or silver knurled pegs point outboard
Includes option and hardware to attach
heavier pegs.

Model EF

Model EF has the pegs pointing outboard and the legs have a 20 degree twist, but otherwise similar to Model DF. Model EF will have your feet spread just your foot width more than with Model DF.  E.5F bring feet in 1" from Model EF, just as E.5Q does with EQ.

Two more options that move the outboard Pegs forward and up 3" from Model EF & EQ positon are Models GF and GQ.
From 'Making Sense of Your choices' can you understand what causes the 3" change?
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