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Models DD & DL (Honda GL1800)

Model DD
For your GL1800 (Not compatible w/Floorboards that have replaced stock footpegs)
Choice of black or silver Smooth pegs, point inboard
For 28-32" Inseam 

Model DL
For your GL1800 (Not compatible w/Floorboards that have replaced stock footpegs)
Choice of black or silver Smooth pegs, point inboard
For 26-27" Inseam

Model DD or DL, Left side.model.d.jpg








6' tall rider with a 32" Inseam
Will this most popular Model DD work for you?
Hang your feet ahead of your foot pegs. Move your feet in so the ends of your brake and shift levers touch just below your ankle bones. This peg position is 3-4" below your shift and brake levers. The moving clip is a 6' rider whose shin is close to the chrome plastic when using Model DD. He turns his heel out slightly to clear the stock foot peg when going in and out of the Mick-O-Pegs. Model DL's peg is 1 1/2" higher.

Looking down into a size 10 boot


Above:  A size 10 boot resting on 050530-2.jpg
Model DD and its relationship to the stock foot peg. Although the stock foot pegs fold up and back, you can get a "trapped" feeling if your heel hits the stock foot peg. If you like the position, but have difficulty turning your heels out, consider Models
ED, E.5D, EL which have knurled pegs pointing outboard.

The Cover touches after the stock foot peg.
When our Cover touches, the engine guard will not.

The GL1800 yearns for the turns. Although the suspension is different while riding thru a turn, this photo provides an idea of clearance lost. The stock foot peg has started to fold up before our cover touches. The cover of the Mick-O-Peg has no sharp corners and is made of aluminum. Replacing a cover or even a block scraped in an aggressive turn is less costly than replacing a scraped engine guard. If this block is not mounted tightly, it can twist up if the cover hits the ground hard. 
Model DD - bottom of peg and engine about even

How much can you lean? Slow to the posted speed on turns and your inboard heel or peg may touch the road or be very close. In other words, you can lean a little more than when your bike is resting on the sidestand

Model DD "deployed" on the side stand

'Uncomfortable with the thought of having pegs pointing inboard, or are your legs too long? Check out Models: KA and KD or GF.























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